[CS-FSLUG] Access blocking technology

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Tue May 15 16:29:37 CDT 2007

At 03:43 PM 5/15/07, Ed Hurst wrote:

>Could any of our webmaster types enlighten me? Recently I've been asked to
>visit a few links which reject my connection attempts with some
>consistency. A couple of hobby sites on tripod.com return the message
>"unreachable" regardless of the browser I use on my FreeBSD box, although
>I can get a response on a 'host' query on the CLI. An example is
>http://henrietta_bowman.tripod.com . From an XP box on the same LAN, it
>works perfectly. Selective blocking by OS?
>Then there's http://www.christianpost.com/ (Christian news site) which
>will not let me connect via Lynx, but accepts Elinks. However, I note on
>my FreeBSD box, Elinks has JScript compiled in. Would they block if
>JScript is disabled?

I tried both sites and got similar results.  Works fine on Win98 (Is XP 
something new?)

Blackberry (JavaScript disabled) Error 400 bad Request
OpenBSD lynx and wget - name resolution errors.

$ host henrietta_bowman.tripod.com
henrietta_bowman.tripod.com has address

So I added the following line to /etc/hosts henrietta_bowman.tripod.com

And was then able to access the webpage with lynx.

Blackberry (with JavaScript disabled) works fine.
OpenBSD lynx and wget - 403 Forbidden

$ host christianpost.com
christianpost.com has address
christianpost.com mail is handled by 10 mail.christianpost.com.

Adding entry to /etc/hosts makes no difference.

This site comes up with a couple of red flags here:

But when I query the various name servers (chtoday.com and verecom.com) 
they all (4) to respond with 

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