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[Sorry list members, I didn't have time to make the following more tailored
for my FOSS friends, but I appreciate your prayers and encouragement, and
everything I've learned from mostly lurking on these lists. Thank you.]

Dear friends and family members,

I've procrastinated more than a bit, so this message will be brief.  As many
of you know, I made a two-week visit to the Missionaries of the Poor
Catholic men's religious community, at their headquarters in Kingston,
Jamaica, back in 2003.  Then in 2005, I spent about three months with them,
again in Jamaica, engaged in a deeper period of reflection and discernment.
I returned home with some fears, doubts, and concerns in late Summer '05,
but by January '06 I made up my mind, in the context of prayer, to
definitively pursue a vocation as a brother in the M.O.P. community.

Well, it took more than a year but all my "ducks" are pretty much "in a row"
and I'm set to head off later this afternoon.  You will all be in my
prayers, and I ask you to keep me in yours, and please pray especially for
my immediate family and other close loved ones, as this is a very
challenging time for them as well.  Thank you for your friendship, loves,
prayers, concern, assistance, and encouragement over the years.

If you would like to contact me by "snail mail," please send letters,
postcards, etc. to:

c/o Missionaries of the Poor
P.O. Box 8525,
3 North Street,  Kingston C.S.O.,
Jamaica, W.I.

Keep in mind that such correspondence may take many weeks to reach me
depending on where I'm located, and it may take me many more weeks for you
to receive a reply, but I will do my best to reply.

If you would like to learn more about the M.O.P. community, please visit
their main website:


And watch these two online videos:

Unto the Least:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fC6XWngCW_I
Called By God:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZPfY9Nj2Hk

The M.O.P. are very welcoming of visitors (Catholics, non-Catholic
Christians, and non-Christians alike), at all of their mission homes and at
their headquarters, who would like to come and share for a short time (a few
days or even a few weeks) in their life of prayer and service to the poorest
of the poor.  Please come visit me and my brothers!

My Our Lord bless you and keep you.

In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,

Michael Bradley, Jr.

IC XC NIKA -- "Jesus Christ is victorious, over the devil, sin, and death!"

"It is a great joy to serve Christ in the poor."
- Fr. Richard Ho Lung, founder and superior general of the Missionaries of
the Poor

(Please forward this message to any of my friends and acquaintances who I
may have forgotten to include in the "bcc" field and who may at some point
inquire about me.  Many thanks.)
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