[CS-FSLUG] Kubuntu 7.04 Widescreen display bug?

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Sun May 6 23:00:14 CDT 2007

That's good information, thanks Ed and Marco.

Although that didn't fix my problem, it did motivate me to give it  
another shot. I resolved the problem by laying down the law in the  
Xorg.conf file yet another time. What made the difference this time  
is that I deleted my ~/.kde folder, something in there was causing  
KDE to change the screen settings, because the login screen still  
worked fine. If I had anything of value in there I might have hunted  
down the specific file, but since it was a clean installation I just  
opted for the "nuke it from orbit" option. I'm glad the fix was this  
simple, it means I don't have to remember anything new :-) .

I really need to get back in touch with Linux, Kubuntu might work  
better now, and as a matter of principle I'm disliking Microsoft, and  
outright hating Apple for destroying such a nice OS by having such a  
geek-inhibiting product line. Mandriva works in a pinch, but I still  
don't like the default menu arrangement and I haven't got the time to  
fix it every time I install or upgrade.

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