[CS-FSLUG] Kubuntu, You're Killing KDE!

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Fri Jun 15 18:18:14 CDT 2007

On 6/10/07, Eduardo Sanchez <lists at sombragris.org> wrote:
> On Sunday 13 May 2007, Nathan T. wrote:
> > http://celerate.blogspot.com/2007/05/kubuntu-youre-killing-kde.html
> >
> > If there's one thing that's always saddened me about Linux, it's how
> > very little effort some distributions put into making sure KDE works,
> > and how much trouble they go to in the never ending effort to peddle
> > Gnome. Of course it shouldn't be a surprise that a distribution which
> > started off with Gnome would be guilty of that, but by calling a
> > derivation of it Kubuntu and claiming that it's delivering a working
> > KDE desktop is only doing KDE a disservice. I can come up with three
> > bugs right now which couldn't possibly have been missed during any
> > competent testing process.
> >
> > First when I try to move a file to the trash, the buttons read
> > "_trash_verb" or "cancel". Second, the majority of the time when I
> > have files in the trash is spend wondering why the "empty trash"
> > option is still grayed out. Third there are no icons to a single
> > location in the the file system either on the desktop or in the
> > kicker menu where users can easily click and drag, instead Kubuntu
> > uses desktop applets to provide these shortcuts in such a fashion
> > that the icons cannot be copied. Finally, the trash icon in the tray
> > is in the bottom right of the screen as an applet, thus again you
> > have problems again where it work work with click and drag and or
> > shortcuts to it as a location. Why do the Kubuntu developers alienate
> > long standing KDE users like myself by changing the natural order of
> > things to make them unintuitive, only then to so inadequately test
> > the product before release, that such blatant bugs make it through to
> > the users computer.
> >
> > I can't tell you how much it crushes me to see software I really
> > loved back in the days of version 2 get this kind of disrespect from
> > the people who claim to be evangelizing it. Don't even begin to tell
> > me that it's partly my fault for not submitting bugs, I went through
> > the same thing with Mandrake and it's just not reasonable to expect
> > people to create a new account and then use software as painfully
> > unintuitive as bugzilla, only to be told that it's a duplicate report
> > and even if it's a small problem it won't be addressed for another
> > two to six months. Now someone has to come up and tell me there's a
> > simple e-mail address where I can send my bug reports, right? Well
> > then why isn't it easy to find, I've already looked for it. I know
> > there's a mailing list, but my experience with those is usually being
> > given the bugtrack/bugzilla URL for their project. Sorry, but if such
> > obvious bugs as I've mentioned above have been missed in a production
> > "stable" product, then either I'd be the only one submitting bug
> > reports anyway, or nobody cares.
> >
> > If I'm still looking for a Linux distribution to use by the time
> > Kubuntu gets a major upgrade then maybe I'll try it again. For now
> > I'm going to keep looking for that ever elusive distribution which
> > puts KDE ahead of a 6 month release cycle or a pro-Gnome agenda.
> >
> > Microsoft eat your heart out, myself and 90% of the world population
> > will forever be stuck on your operating system as long as there isn't
> > a company out there that listens to what customers want and delivers.
> > Apple can't make a reasonably priced upgradeable computer that
> > doesn't include a monitor, Linux distributors can't take one of
> > Linux's greatest software assets (KDE) seriously, and every other
> > alternative out there has yet to be a blip on the radar. If only I
> > had stuck with XP instead of wasting money on Vista *sigh*.
> >
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> Nathan, you should *really* try Slackware. I'm using it to run
> plain-vanilla KDE 3.5.7, with full hardware support for my 256 MB
> PIII-450 with an Intel chipset. The installation feels fast and snappy.
> Blessings,
> Eduardo
Funny, I've been running KDE on Debian Etch without a hitch.  And you can
choose it over GNOME at install time - see my article about the Debian

That said, PCLOS and Vector both seem to be pretty darned good.

D.C. Parris
Minister, Editor, Free Software Advocate
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