[CS-FSLUG] Ubuntu and a mysterious update

Hilding Egestål he7316575 at yahoo.se
Fri Jun 15 11:14:26 CDT 2007

Hello, calling from Sweden,

When I updated my Ubuntu 7.04 to the last kernel, 2.6.20-16 all went
wrong. The computer can read the four partitions with different linux
versions, but coming to the Ubuntu 704 the starting process with
messages about fcsk failed and all stops at ann at ann-desktop : If I then
write "reboot" everything goes on and 704 starts. BUT then, when I run
Gparted I can see the four partitions but /dev/hda1 (the 7.04 partition)
says "could not find the mountingpoint". If I run QTparted, I cannot see
any partition. I have had a look for UUID, I have tried to replace the
new kernel with the old one, but the problem still remains. I can live
with it, but....

Any ideas?!

/Hilding in Sweden

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