[CS-FSLUG] Curiosity: Price comparison on hosting

Robinson Mitchell robinson.mitchell at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 08:00:52 CDT 2007

You asked about affordable hosting for churches.
Hosting Puppy at http://www.hostingpuppy.com has a very affordable
solution:  1 GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, $1 per month.  Hosting is
on Linux servers with PHP, MySQL already provided, unlimited email accounts,
MySQL databases and subdomains.
Admin access is through CPanel, and includes PHPMyAdmin as well as
Fantastico, a script-based engine that does automated installs of Joomla,
Drupal, Wordpress and other CMS engines based on PHP.  File transfers
through CPanel or FTP, with SSH access on request.  Altogether a good set of
features.  I think they're in Canada someplace, but I have not experienced
any probs with latency or bandwidth from the mid-South.
I'm a church planter candidate, and got an account for what will later will
become a new church web site.  In the meantime, I have a site I can fiddle
with that doesn't break the budget.  And if your site grows, you can always
add more space should you need it.  Alternately, you can use this site as
your primary engine, then host your graphics on a free file site.  This
calls for some creative coding, but it can be done.
Bottom line - there is no perfect hosting provider out there, but there are
some good ones that are affordable for churches and organizations on a
budget.  This is one good one, IMHO.

Rob in Memphis.
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