[CS-FSLUG] Curiosity: Price comparison on hosting

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Sun Jun 10 22:12:35 CDT 2007

Well, it just depends on the type of use. It looks to me that they  
don't offer POP3 e-mail accounts, so if those are important to your  
friend, they aren't an option there, but, for example, my smallest  
publicly advertised account (I still have smaller) comes with 40 of  
them. My accounts (like most web hosts) also comes with unlimited e- 
mail forwarders, they charge extra for them. I'm not clear if it is  
two cents per day per forwarder or for unlimited forwarders. Let's  
assume the latter. That's $.60 per month.

Ok, on space, if you took the 300 MB from my $10 account, that'd be  
$3.00. Assuming you also use the 20 GB of transfers, that would be  
$20. Hence, my $10 account would be $23.60 at this place.

Or against my smaller (unadvertised) $5 account: 100 mb of space  
would add up to $1.00 with this other host and my 5 GB of bandwidth  
would add up to $5.00. Add in the 10 POP3's you can't get at this  
other host, and the unlimited forwarders worth perhaps $.30 (unless  
it would be $.30 per forwarder, once again), and you have $6.30/month  
at that site.

Of course, your friend may not need all of those features. But, he  
could always contact a host and see if they can offer what he needs  
(be it my company or someone else -- I recommend HostingMatters, that  
company is run by some of the finest folks in the industry). Like a  
prepaid cell phone contract, you'll pay more at a place like  
"NearlyFree" if you actually utilize resources, but if you don't use  
anything, it might be cheaper.

I'm not clear if their "deposits" are monthly or not with a cursory  
look. It sounds complicated: "This deposit fee is presently $1.00  
plus 3% of the amount of your deposit that is over $20. That means,  
if you make any deposit up to $20, you'll be charged $1.00 to cover  
our actual costs of handling the deposit. If you deposit $50, you'll  
be charged $1.00 plus 3% of $30. If you deposit $100, you'll be  
charged $1.00 plus 3% of $80. This fee is applied no matter how you  
make your deposit, including checks, credit cards, and PayPal."

At any rate, the best thing to do is go checkout WebHostingTalk.com.  
Perhaps ask on there. The only thing I found about them there with a  
quick search was that they apparently are a destination for "nude  
art" that other hosts consider pornography. That'd make me a little  
uncomfortable, personally.

Like I said, I like HostingMatters. I'd recommend them before this  
place, probably. I also hear good things about BlueHost. Questions  
that they may say on their site, but I didn't catch quickly: do they  
have an easy-to-use account management control panel? Uptime  
guarantee? Backups?


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On Jun 10, 2007, at 7:36 PM, Ed Hurst wrote:

> Anyone ever heard of these folks?
>    https://www.nearlyfreespeech.net/services/hosting.php
> Since I have no way to gauge things, I was wondering if we could call
> this a good deal. I'm trying to help a friend evaluate hosting plans,
> and he's hot about this one.
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