[CS-FSLUG] Quitting my job

Warren Sanders warren at sandersonline.org
Mon Jun 4 11:00:35 CDT 2007

Nathan T. wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I think I'll hand in my two weeks notice on Monday. I would appreciate
> prayers, and any help in putting this into perspective.
Nathan, reading most of your plea, it reminds me of work places I
experienced those same issues.  If I were you and was subject to
ridicule and verbal abuse by superiors, I would have simply left without
even giving 2 weeks notice.  One time I did just that.  Another time I
didn't and should have.  As a Christian we tend to turn the cheek too
many times.  Keep a high tolerance yet know when to tell if your welcome
is warn out.  Whenever the Lord closes one door, be excited to know He
has another opening.

Warren Sanders

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