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I'll pray for you at least. Remember Joshua 1:9 as you begin to hunt
for a new job.

On 6/1/07, Nathan T. <celerate at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I think I'll hand in my two weeks notice on Monday. I would appreciate
> prayers, and any help in putting this into perspective.
> At work I've been denied requests for new equipment, what I have is
> seven years old and failing, the managers have nice big monitors in
> their offices and were talking about getting dual-head setups while
> denying my request for a mere $10 CAD (ie: dirt cheap in US$) keyboard
> and given then tenth degree when I decided to refurbish one that the
> store already had as an asset so I could use it instead. Forget the
> idea of even asking for a RAM upgrade, I was lucky enough to salvage
> some from computers being thrown out and even luckier to get approval
> from one of the managers to put it into one of the computers I've had
> in the front. I've been called some names, been the subject of sexist
> jokes, and even been chewed out over anonymous complaints that were
> false. I'm the front line whenever there's a phone call, I hear about
> every mess-up done by the people in the back by screaming swearing
> customers and I'm supposed to sit there, calm them down, and no matter
> what I'm not supposed to forward them to the person who messed up.
> When a manager is supposed to be available to deal with something I
> can't do, or when they have to deal with a ballistic customer, far too
> often they're "too busy" to come to the front. When there's a problem,
> I'm told to talk to them about it, which I do as soon as the problem
> comes up, and they always wave the responsibility, so why bring it up
> again when I know how they're going to be.
> In turn I've sat in the front brooding, I think out loud without
> noticing so I was mostly whispering to myself. I've complained to my
> co-worker in the front about a few things, like when I was given the
> tenth degree for refurbishing a keyboard even though there was nothing
> else to do at the time, thus the company wasn't loosing any money.
> Apparently the managers have heard more than a little yet never
> bothered to talk to me about it, I would have appreciated it if they
> had since those were the times I was ready to confront some issues
> with them, but instead they avoided any interaction during those
> times.
> I've been in trouble more than enough times over some things which are
> out of my control, I get the blame because no one thinks I can
> remember anything -- a convenient excuse for when I remember a chain
> of events differently than an accuser, or so I can be blamed for
> something that happened when I wasn't around. If anything I feel like
> they're treating me as if I were dumb or mentally handicapped because
> I can't remember the name of one of the hundred or so customers who
> was in the store the previous day.
> Today I caught myself too late in a slip, and wound up in more trouble
> than usual. One of the things I'm conveniently blamed is filing
> service paperwork in the wrong place so the service manager doesn't
> know what the earnings are for a given month. Of course I'm not the
> one making that mistake, I've been "talked to" enough times about it
> to know better. I found two such sheets filed in the wrong place, our
> service technician was in the front and I asked him if he had put them
> there, he said no and then I figured out it was my manager because one
> of the sheets was for a client she had dealt with, and the other was
> one I had left laying around because I was interrupted before I could
> file it. I was frustrated and said she was a moron to myself, not
> realizing that I had said it out loud. The technician told me not to
> say that, I was rather angry that he decided to get involved in
> something that wasn't his business and asked him what was so wrong
> with it (knowing full well that everyone there calls everyone a moron,
> and I'm usually the recipient of such comments) , he turned red in the
> face, looked like he was about to start punching me, and said that I
> should never say anything like that about my boss. Then he stomped out
> to the room where the only two present managers were (my manager was
> one of them and the other was the majority share holder for the
> company), told them his exaggerated version of what happened, and
> stomped into the back to share his version of events with all the
> staff he had known since before I was working there.
> I couldn't bring myself to apologize. I've been called much worse by a
> lot of the staff, that same technician made it a practice to kick me
> whenever he didn't get his commission for service work because someone
> else messed up the invoice, and I've put up with it all for the good
> of the company. They never believe me when I mention these things, the
> service technician has been there for more than long enough to
> conspire against my predecessor, and now me in some deranged illusion
> where he things the company is his. I don't stand a chance because the
> same things happened to my predecessor who had been there longer than
> myself, and they sent her leaving in tears and still say heinous
> hurtful things about her after now that she's fired and gone.
> I really wanted to walk into the managers office, hand them their key
> back, and tell them I will no longer be coming to work as of two weeks
> from then unless they wanted to do us both a favour and let me leave
> that same day. Sadly my exit will be a little less dramatic, since I
> agreed to cover for a co-worker next Saturday in order to let him
> enjoy his birthday on the preceding Friday, and won't be able to
> return my back door key until the following Monday.
> I wish I could see this as a turning point for my life, but except for
> business owners all the other people I've seen that are as much as two
> or three times my age still complain about biased managers and bad
> work conditions. What scares me the most about going back to work on
> Monday is the reaction of the one manager who wasn't there when the
> technician complained. That guy looks like he could burst an artery
> over small things when he comes up to "talk" to me. The managers don't
> yell, but this one does raise his voice and does so while telling me
> his version of events and why "it is what did happen".
> Thanks.
> Nathan.
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