[CS-FSLUG] monitor - blurry image

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Mon Jul 23 15:52:00 CDT 2007

At 12:40 PM 7/22/07, Marco Tedaldi wrote:

>Frank Bax schrieb:
>>At work, we replaced some CRT monitors with LCD's at select 
>>workstations.  I put the CRT's on a shelf.  Yesterday, someone's CRT 
>>stopped working, so another CRT was taken off the shelf that was exactly 
>>the same make/model.  Today, user emailed saying image is blurry - I 
>>didn't check closely when I made the swap and I won't be back to look at 
>>it myself until Monday.  Can this be a driver issue, or is it always the 
>>CRT itself?  Other CRT's are different make/model; therefore my other 
>Blurry Images are a sign of poor sognal-quality in most cases.
>Poor signal may be caused by bad cables or connectors. It might be, that 
>the refresh-frequency is set to a value which is just a tad to high.
>check cabling and connectors and the refreshing frequencies. somitimes it 
>helps to set the refresh rate to 72Hz instead of 75Hz (which is not 
>noticeable by eye).

Thanks for the tip!  It turns out that I never updated system to reflect a 
monitor change the LAST time I changed monitors.  When I updated it this 
time; it looks better - but then I have bad eyes anyway.  Staff is on 
vacation this week; so we'll see next week what she thinks.

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