[CS-FSLUG] wireless woes

Gabe Ginorio gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 23 14:51:01 CDT 2007

Good thought,
> Just thought it was worth chiming in and noting that MAC filtering and
> encryption serve somewhat different purposes. While it's true that WEP/WPA
> encryption can keep people from joining your network without the proper
> key, they also -- more importantly -- encrypt your data over the "wire". In
> addition, MAC filtering will only keep casual users at bay, as more
> determined users can sniff and spoof your internal MAC addresses.
Fortunately, these days, there is an abundant supply of wireless routers 
around, free for the taking. Simply by making mine less attractive I 
keep them out. If someone is determined enough to wirelessly arp my 
network then more power to them; I'll just change security modes if I 
need to. I know that WEP can work on my linksys, but it's such a pain 
that I'd rather avoid it ... unless I need to encrypt my bzflag games.


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