[CS-FSLUG] OT: iPhone (was Re: Verse of the day -- how to auto-start?)

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Mon Jul 9 14:00:13 CDT 2007

>> Sent from my iPhone
> Sure Tim, just ruuubbbb it in! :-) How's that copy of Safari compare
> to a real web browser on a real screen? Does it use the various Google
> Application websites in regular or mobile mode?

	Yeah, I should remove that default signature, probably. :-)

	Google search, etc., can run in regular mode (although on the front  
Google page it detected that it was an iPhone and offered link to the  
mobile version under the search box, so you could go with that if you  
found it more convenient). The phone does not support WAP WML files,  
but will read regular or mobile versions of any page that is standard  

	The browser displays things almost as well as normal Safari/WebKit.

	The Google Apps, like Docs, seem to load OK, but I couldn't figure  
out how to edit the document. Tapping on it did not bring up the  
virtual keyboard, so I'm presuming Google may need to make some  
adjustments to get it to work. (I also presume they are already doing  
so, given that Apple and Google have a partnership on this.)  
Supposedly the iPhone is running a variant Safari 3.0 (which is in  
beta for Mac OS X and Windows), so it may support WYSIWYG rich text  
editing fields, but I'm not sure -- the desktop versions do.

	I'd be happy to provide any more information that might be of  


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