Ciaran Hamilton cs-fslug at theblob.org
Fri Jul 6 03:56:17 CDT 2007

What you need is a file ~/.dosboxrc. :)

>From the dosbox(1) man page:

      Configuration and language files use a format similar to Windows
.ini files. First ~/.dosboxrc (if present) will be loaded. If no
configfile is specified at the commandline, a file named dosbox.conf
(if present in the current directory) will be loaded automatically
afterwards. If a configfile is specified at the commandline that one
will be used instead.

Hope that helps. :)

 - Ciaran.

On 7/6/07, Jason P. Franklin <jpfagapeu at mac.com> wrote:
> Anyone here have experience with DosBox?  In Win and Mac I've been able
> to create a config file so it auto mounts the C drive.  Where do I
> create this file on a linux machine (what folder does it go in)?
> Jason P. Franklin
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