[CS-FSLUG] Linux distributions

Vincent Danen vdanen at linsec.ca
Thu Nov 30 10:23:49 CST 2006

* Ed Hurst <ehurst at asisaid.com> [2006-11-30 09:17:23 -0600]:

> > This is my first post on the list (so hello to everyone
> > else, just signed up an hour ago...), so bear with me.
> Welcome, Vincent. So nice of you to join us! I look forward to a long
> and fruitful association with you here.

Thanks, Ed.  I'm looking forward to the same thing.

> Nathan, knowing you prefer cutting edge stuff, I recommend you accept
> the invitation for Mandriva. Like you, I will no longer consider SuSE.
> Not just the willies over Novell's deal with MS ("spidey sense is
> tingling"), but it's really a bloated mess, more than ever. I think the
> good stuff ended with version 9.3.

I couldn't agree more.  There are things I like about SUSE (for
instance, I think AppArmor is fantastic, but in all fairness that came
from the old Immunix folks), but SUSE really is quite bloated and has
been for quite some time.

> I personally prefer CentOS or FreeBSD, but you would hardly work the way
> I do.

Never played with CentOS, although FreeBSD is nice... I just really have
nowhere to use it here (being that I use OS X for my desktops, Mandriva
for the few desktops that require Linux, and Annvix for all my servers).

> As always, consider things in light of enhancing your service to God,
> not simply what thrills you.

And I think that boils down to what makes things easiest and most
comfortable for you,  My pastor had a great sermon a few weeks back
about not letting things take your "peace" from you and, quite frankly,
Fedora and some other Linux distros have stolen my piece by being too
stinking quirky to deal with.  So I look for those things that make me
most productive and let me keep my peace... =)

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