[CS-FSLUG] Linux distributions

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Thu Nov 30 09:17:23 CST 2006

Vincent wrote:

> This is my first post on the list (so hello to everyone
> else, just signed up an hour ago...), so bear with me.

Welcome, Vincent. So nice of you to join us! I look forward to a long
and fruitful association with you here.

Nathan, knowing you prefer cutting edge stuff, I recommend you accept
the invitation for Mandriva. Like you, I will no longer consider SuSE.
Not just the willies over Novell's deal with MS ("spidey sense is
tingling"), but it's really a bloated mess, more than ever. I think the
good stuff ended with version 9.3.

I personally prefer CentOS or FreeBSD, but you would hardly work the way
I do.

As always, consider things in light of enhancing your service to God,
not simply what thrills you.

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