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Now, to all those PC-nazi people (or, persons with good intentions but 
not-so-good judgment), let me put the following:

In Portuguese and Spanish,

Samba: a dance typical of Rio de Janeiro (Brasil). It is especially 
conspicuous on that city's famed carnival.

Zamba: with a "z", in Spanish:

1. A melodic folk rythm from Argentina. Famous examples are: "Zamba del 
Nuevo Día" (Zamba of the New Day), "Zamba de mi esperanza" (Zamba of my 
hope), "La Nochera" (The Nighter, approximate translation).

2. Female form for "zambo"... which is:

Zambo: an individual of mixed Indian (Aboriginal First nations, 
whatever) and black (African) blood.

Taking "samba" as a racial slur shows some ignorance, and would be like 
regarding "negro" as anoter racial slur. "Negro" means just "black" in 

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On Tuesday 14 November 2006 10.49, Ritchie, Josiah S. wrote:
> > -----Original Message-----
> >
> > > Only problem: the apparent Satanism of the developers ;)
> >
> > Heh. It's an old joke; the little cartoon deamon is quite harmless
> > compared to the sadistic configuration requirements. I assure you
> > if I can get a handle on it, just about anyone can.
> . . . if they want to. After having to explain that SAMBA wasn't a
> racial slur and having to remove it from any place it was visible on
> the network (server descriptions and the like) I don't take that for
> granted anymore.
> Apparently SAMBA is pretty close to an African-American racial slur.
> Just change one letter. It was mistaken by someone in high position
> and provided some embarrassment for others in high positions, none of
> whom knew what SAMBA really was, even the dance apparently. :-)
> JSR/
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Prof. Eduardo Sanchez
Asuncion, Paraguay, South America
These things --the beauty, the memory of our own past-- are good images
of what we really desire; but if they are mistaken for the thing
itself, they turn into dumb idols, breaking the heart of their
worshippers. For they are not the thing itself; they are only the scent
of a flower we have not found, the echo of a tune we have not heard,
news from a country we have never yet visited.

	-- C.S. Lewis, "The Weight of Glory"


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