Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Tue Nov 14 07:49:46 CST 2006

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> > Only problem: the apparent Satanism of the developers ;)
> Heh. It's an old joke; the little cartoon deamon is quite harmless
> compared to the sadistic configuration requirements. I assure you if I
> can get a handle on it, just about anyone can.

. . . if they want to. After having to explain that SAMBA wasn't a
racial slur and having to remove it from any place it was visible on the
network (server descriptions and the like) I don't take that for granted

Apparently SAMBA is pretty close to an African-American racial slur.
Just change one letter. It was mistaken by someone in high position and
provided some embarrassment for others in high positions, none of whom
knew what SAMBA really was, even the dance apparently. :-)


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