[CS-FSLUG] My View on the MS/Novell Deal

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Thu Nov 9 15:19:10 CST 2006

dmc wrote:
>  > Ed Hurst wrote:
>> When the primary objective is to market a product for profit,
>> full honesty is simply unlikely these days. Trust God, trust people
>> somewhat, but never trust a large corporation voluntarily.
> I would say that this could be broadened to
> "profit", "power", or "fame".
> It applies to politics, positions in religious
> organizations, and anywhere humans are tested
> and make choices to surrender to temptation when
> exposed to "profit", "power", or "fame" in the
> absence of adequate accountability.

I suppose so, but I was thinking more of the principle people are often
at their worst when congregated into a group.

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