[CS-FSLUG] My View on the MS/Novell Deal

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Thu Nov 9 13:27:59 CST 2006

Ritchie, Josiah S. wrote:
> I posted this message in response to a Linux Journal article. If one of
> our journalists sees fit to make use of it, I don't require attribution
> or any such thing, but I would like to see the message sent out more
> broadly to at least insight discussion in a more positive direction. I
> welcome your feedback.

This is generating an awful lot of buzz. I've read Novell's own FAQ on
this, but they've lied before, as does any large corporation I've ever
known. When the primary objective is to market a product for profit,
full honesty is simply unlikely these days. Trust God, trust people
somewhat, but never trust a large corporation voluntarily.

There's some noise on the various forums related to SuSE, and some
current fans are less than happy. However, it's the same people unhappy
Novell is involved in SuSE in the first place. I'm one of those, so
unhappy I gave up altogether on SuSE, because I feel it's as slow and
bloated as the product of Novell's new partner.

As for copyrights and liability issues: Who's to say? No matter what
everyone says, from inside or outside, we can't be certain until they
actually do things one way or the other. It is by their fruits we shall
know them. Corporate actions are seldom the results of any one person's
decisions, and often departs from stated plans, anyway.

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