[CS-FSLUG] OT: Potter, Halloween and Philipians 4:8

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Wed Mar 8 16:01:47 CST 2006

On Tuesday 07 March 2006 22.37, David Aikema wrote:
> On a related note, I stumbled across a news story today entitled "Man
> became Wiccan after leaving Episcopal church", which talks about
> someone who turned to wicca after reading the Potter books (you can
> find the article at
> http://www.battlecreekenquirer.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/2006030
>4/LIFESTYLE08/603040310&SearchID=73237677091215 )
> One sentence in the article though ("My sense is that the strain of
> leading a Christian flock while not fully being able to believe the
> message I was preaching finally dropped me into what might be called
> a very early mid-life crisis."), makes it sound like he disbelieved
> before Potter roled around and that Potter was more incidental than
> anything.

Well said. And supposedly Christian people became infidels even after 
reading the Bible. There are people who saw visions from heaven --like 
the Israelites of the Exodus time-- but they relapsed and became 
backsliders, choosing to worship a golden calf.

The rule of Isaiah 8:20 still stands today.

> Anyways, I tend to side in favour of allowing people to choose to
> read the books (and I think that I've read most of them myself), but
> there are definitely dangers to be on the lookout for.

That's a Biblically sound position, IMHO.



Prof. Eduardo Sanchez
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 Lo! some we loved, the loveliest and the best
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	-- The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

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