[CS-FSLUG] Bigger antenna

Bradly McConnell bradly.mcconnell at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 15:11:18 CST 2006

On 3/6/06, Nathan T. <celerate at gmail.com> wrote:

> The goal is purely education and ties into my programming hobby, my
> work is entirely redundant but for me that experimentation is part of
> the learning process .Eventually I'm going to want to know how to set
> up fairly sophisticated networks in my own home and it's quite
> possible it could be part of my job if I pursue one in the field of
> computer science. Oh, and most importantly it would also be fun (at
> least for me :-) ).

You may be expanding a bit more into the Electrical or Computer
Engineering domains, but they still both take advantage of CS. 
Wireless networks are more out of utility than sophistication.  You
may want to look into iSCSI and Infiniband if you want to see what the
high power computing world uses.  Microwave point to point, or laser
point to point is a much better match for extended LOS communications,
but then you run into the signals being directional, and not
omnidirectional like traditional WiFi.

Some may agree or disagree with this, but I think that you need to
find some form of specialization to concentrate on.  The computer
world is just becoming incredibly diverse.  If you try to keep up with
every new technology, and every new programming language, standard,
protocol, etc, you will quickly become overwhelmed.  This by no means
should disuade you from "experimenting" and finding out what your
niche actually is, but there comes a point where you may become
frustrated with the inability to keep up with everything.


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