[CS-FSLUG] school dress code, was Re: OT: Don't Buy Harry Potter

David Colburn edoc7 at verizon.net
Thu Mar 2 20:14:19 CST 2006

I'd see no problem with the adults wearing a
uniform as well, but that misses the point.

The *problem* in too many schools, one that *requires*
a solution is that provocative or offensive or
otherwise inappropriate clothing is interfering
with the successful completion of the purposes
of the school.

One *suggested solution*, or an element in a
group of actions, is to eliminate the clothing
problem via uniforms.

One additional *suggestion* is that said uniforms
must be designed so as not to create a new problem!

Perhaps you are the exception, not causing a distraction
nor distracted by the poor choices of others, I doubt
that one could say the same for many of your peers
and the school must address their needs as well.

;-)  doc

> Frankly as someone still attending school I feel these remarks to
> reflect a lot of persecution. Why force students to wear uniforms and
> not adults eh?

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