[CS-FSLUG] Mail server advice

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Mon Jun 19 14:29:55 CDT 2006

Warren Sanders wrote:

> Question: is it necessary to have it run in 64 bit mode since you
> mentioned it is on a 64 bit machine? If not then I will suggest my
> current favorite as Courier-IMAP along with Postfix.

What is it with everybody telling me not to run in 64-bit mode? That was
the whole point of getting this beast! Sorry, nothing personal, but I've
had it up to *here* with that particular suggestion. :-)

It will be running in 64-bit mode. Oh, and folks will be downloading
their mail to their machines -- admin requirement is out of my hands. I
suspect it's because it's the only way they can force people to delete
some of their excessive message collections.

My question comes from having done ZERO server stuff in the past. Having
attempted to read the Postfix docs, I find them exceedingly terse and
mostly over my head. It's nice to have options explained, but I have no
idea why I might or might not need some of them. The list is extremely long.

For example, is it necessary to give all the 200 users their own account
on the machine? Or can I insert a list of those for whom I receive mail
and let them pull it off across the LAN? Do I need a POP server so they
can do that?

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