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Warren Sanders warren at sandersonline.org
Mon Jun 19 11:50:04 CDT 2006

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Ed Hurst wrote:
> Naturally I'm looking at the RedHat docs for this. I've also read quite
> a few outlines, but they all contain features and steps not applicable
> to my situation. I'd be interested in seeing an outline of steps to
> match the following situation, along with any gotchas:
> - Mail server on AMD-64
> - CentOS 4 Linux (non-negotiable)
> - Server will be for a specific domain, but will not immediately carry
> webserver tasks (that may come later). This mail server is separate from
> webserver machine; the latter is remote.
> - There is a gateway/firewall between this machine and the Net.
> - Every other server and client on the LAN will be Windows, and maybe a
> MAC or two.
> - There are approximately 200 accounts.
> - There will be no money for extras.

Question: is it necessary to have it run in 64 bit mode since you
mentioned it is on a 64 bit machine? If not then I will suggest my
current favorite as Courier-IMAP along with Postfix.  I have been
using Courier for about a year now because of a feature my previous
installation of Dovcot did not.  I needed the ability to have shared
folders between other users on the system.  Being that it's been
nearly a year since I installed it... if I recall I did not find
modern RedHat specific RPM's.  I believe I had to compile it on my now
outdated FC3 server.  IMO, Courier is a bit robust than Dovcot,
however not as easy to install.  Now since you may need to compile
this, I suspect that if you have all the required 64 bit dev libs you
may be able to pull off a native arch.  The instructions I used
created RPM files so it's not totally unmanageably strewn about.

As for all your other requirements/gotchas, I'd say they depend on too
many factors to mention without knowing any further specifics.  Of
course you need to open a port in your firewall and the users' client
needs to be setup to collect email.

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