[CS-FSLUG] Networking two Linspire boxes

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 01:28:56 CDT 2006

On 7/29/06, Jim Isbell, W5JAI <jim.isbell at gmail.com> wrote:
> I can state that I have owned a SUB500 computer for almost two years
> now and am very happy with it.

Can you comment on the quality of the hardware? My main concern about
those ones is that the power supply is going to be something that
breaks down after a few years and takes other pieces of hardware with
it. I've never experienced that, even with what people call cheap
power supplies, but I thought I'd get some comments anyway.

> As to the difference between SUB300 and SUB500, I found the prices on
> both to be in US dollars and they had different computers that were
> priced as the title suggested.  Maybe thats changed since I shopped
> there 2 years ago.

It used to be a difference in currency, with the same computers on
both sites, unless I'm developing alzheimers at a young age which
wouldn't surprise me.

> As to SUB200, when I logged into SUB300 the first page that came up
> was SUB200 with a $199 computer offered.  Then later when someone
> commented on what they got on SUB200 I tried again and then got a page
> saying that URL was available.  I have not yet gotten the page that
> you describe???

I believe that is just a marketing thing, the 300 was crossed out and
there as a 200 on top on the page I saw.

The sub200.com url forwards me to bluegreenred.com, but the first
album listed has a title that's very vulgar imo. NSFW if you ask me.

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