Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Wed Jul 26 02:25:47 CDT 2006

Here's a link with some information: http://mini-itx.com/75873294

If you scroll down to where you see the three pictures of the blue
version lined up, the third one has a clearly visible Microsoft
Windows Powered sticker on it, but the catch is that the article says
it runs Windows CE. Frankly as far as Windows XP goes I think that'll
be painful considering Windows XP is a real pig, and as far as driver
hell goes, that's hard enough to avoid on laptops that don't have
their orignal restore disks, nevermind some uncommon mini-computer.
Hopefully though the lack of

>From the article:
"Memory is provided by a single 128MB SODIMM, drive space by a 10GB
3.5in hard drive, the processor is the 366Mhz Geode GX 500 at 1.0W, and
ports provided are: 12V input for external AC adapter; VGA interface;
4 x USB 1.1 ports; 56Kbps V92 Fax/Modem port, and 3 ports for AC'97
audio. That's right - not even Ethernet, but for many people this will
be their only computer, and there's always USB."

I've run Linux on a machine only slightly faster, althoug the absense
of a CD-Rom drive it can boot from means you'll have to hope for a USB
powered CD-Rom drive, and the absense of a network interface means
resorting to networking using a USB device. The article says that the
software is controlled and maintained by the content provider, while
the purchaser only has use of the included software. Frankly I would
like to see someone successfully turn it into a nice cheap Linux box
that's out of the hands of the content providers.

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