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edoc7 edoc7 at verizon.net
Sun Jul 23 08:43:56 CDT 2006

 > Ed Hurst wrote:
> I like that. I agree professionalism must take a back seat to spiritual 
> requirements. In this case, the tiny congregation is mostly one extended 
> family in four generations, plus a couple of others. The entire 
> congregation is about as oddball as they come. For example, this 
> particular family is composed mostly of ex-drug abusers. These folks are 
> exceedingly laid back in terms of the externals -- jeans, shorts and 
> t-shirts were common Sunday morning attire. Had I played entirely by the 
> rules of standard Baptist etiquette, I doubt they would have invited me 
> to come.
> This is precisely the sort of folks to which I am called.

Sounds as though you are describing our church!

You only see a tie on me for a funeral or ordination!

We are offering a variety of Celebrate Recovery ministries,
sermons are practical, an interactive Bible study is Wed.
evening, small groups are strongly encouraged.

Have you read John Cionca's book "Before You Move"?

BTW:  Got those speakers working.  A buddy spotted the
control cable not connected at one end!  You good for
PayPal or prefer a check?


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