[CS-FSLUG] blackberry sync with email

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 7 08:02:14 CDT 2006

I tired to send this last week, but it didn't get through.  The agency has 
since gone ahead with purchase (after prices dropped dramatically), but the 
question still remains...

I'm the IT support guy for a non-profit agency.  This agency is looking at 
replacing several cell phones with blackberry devices.  The rep says these 
devices do not sync with Kmail on Linux, but wasn't sure what email client 
would work.  Is there a mail program on SUSE93 that it will sync with?

Does anyone know if there is a project looking at OOo viewer on BlackBerry?

BONUS:  I got one - an 8700r!


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