[CS-FSLUG] Fwd: Sounds good?

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 20:14:15 CST 2006

>         Also, FWIW, game consoles have *longer* lives than a PC, not
> shorter. Whereas a PC may last one or two years, you typically have
> 4-5 year life cycles of game systems. The PS2 has been going since
> October 2000... its a bit antiquated now, but it's nearly six years
> since its Japanese launch (later next month).

I don't know where those figures came from Tim, but two of the desktop
systems we're running here are coming up on 6 or maybe even 8 years
old if I remember correctly. Mind you my Nintendo 64 still works too.
Game consoles and computers can have long lifespans depending on your
needs and how much of a speed junkie you are :-) . I think five years
is a good lifespan for desktop systems if you like running something
fairly fast, just make sure you get good enough hardware when it's
new. As for servers, I've talked to lots of people who still use 486
machines as gateways, routers and servers.

Sadly looking for information online, it seems that the Linux kit you
need for PlayStation 2s is no longer available, that sucks since my
brother has some spare PS2's lying around. He things they're broken
because he blew in the connectors or took the game disks out when they
were still on by accident, but that seems like a very unlikely way to
break hardware :-p .

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