[CS-FSLUG] Fwd: Sounds good?

Timothy Butler tbutler at ofb.biz
Tue Feb 28 20:03:16 CST 2006

> Considering that the costs of the new gaming systems are close to, if
> not higher than the cost of a computer, it doesn't make sense to me to
> get a PS3 to run Linux. In fact, getting the computer makes more sense
> because it can do more without any modification and has more than a
> one to two year lifespan on it.

	Power wise, the PS3 is more powerful than any computer in the same  
price range. Just the parts are estimated to cost $800-$900, whereas  
it'll probably sell for $300-$400 (with the hope you'll buy lots of  
games, movies, etc.).

	The Cell processor is absolutely impressive from everything I've  
seen. Given that IBM is deploying it for workstation usage...

	Also, FWIW, game consoles have *longer* lives than a PC, not  
shorter. Whereas a PC may last one or two years, you typically have  
4-5 year life cycles of game systems. The PS2 has been going since  
October 2000... its a bit antiquated now, but it's nearly six years  
since its Japanese launch (later next month).


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