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Sun Feb 19 15:16:34 CST 2006

I also agree that that is a short comming of the SWORD API, the
documentation that is. It is actually fairly well document doxygen
style, but no one currently generates that for general web
consumption. I might do that.

I also may try and organize some example code for all the various
sword targets that may be used.

God Bless

On 2/19/06, Chris Brault <gginorio at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Interesting,
> > I've actually been interested in writting a python web frontend to
> > sword, but I haven't found much documentation and I've been pretty
> > preocupied lately. Thanks for the info though.
> >
> > Alan Trick
> >
> I tried that once, too, but the lack of documentation stopped me.
> Writing the gui doesn't seem that hard. It's organizing the interface
> and the modules that would pose the greatest challenge.
> Working with educational software as I do, it seems that usability tends
> to trump functionability. I suppose that is just the way it is.
> P.S.: I'm typing my e-mail using the dvorak keyboard. So, my replies
> will be short and slow.
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