[CS-FSLUG] Introduction

Chris Brault gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Sun Feb 19 13:06:46 CST 2006

> I've actually been interested in writting a python web frontend to
> sword, but I haven't found much documentation and I've been pretty
> preocupied lately. Thanks for the info though.
> Alan Trick

I tried that once, too, but the lack of documentation stopped me. 
Writing the gui doesn't seem that hard. It's organizing the interface 
and the modules that would pose the greatest challenge.

Working with educational software as I do, it seems that usability tends 
to trump functionability. I suppose that is just the way it is.

P.S.: I'm typing my e-mail using the dvorak keyboard. So, my replies 
will be short and slow.

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