[CS-FSLUG] Dvorak Keyboards

Chris Brault gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Thu Feb 9 19:26:15 CST 2006


> I have been using the Dvorak keyboard layout
primarily for over five
> years now.  Like you I took a plunge at learning
> something new.  It would be much better if I only
had to ever deal with
> is this one layout; I must stay current with Qwerty
as well.  As
> a natural help desk type person I need to be able to
jump on
> anyone's computer. 

I can understand this problem. I type fast enought
with the qwerty keyboard and wonder if I'll end up
dragging a Dvorak board around with me in my bag for
work and school. I've read that you can learn both,
but it takes several months to get them both back up
to speed.


> The Kinesis contoured keyboard
> and was less than thrilled under qwerty or dvorak. 
To me having my
> hands separated is  just way too weird and for me
jumping around to
> different machines all the time would be like a
parking valet driver.

I prefer the spit keyboards. I like having my hands in
a more "natural" position. Now, having the Dvorak
keyboard work in Linux, OSx and Windows XP is just an
added bonus. I'm hoping that, if I do go with a split
design someday, that all the stresses qwerty typing
naturally puts on your hands will end. Injury and pain
free typing with less mistakes. How cool is that?


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