[CS-FSLUG] Dvorak Keyboards

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Thu Feb 9 08:34:33 CST 2006

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> Okay now, do you any of you know anyone using the
> Dvorak keyboard?
> What are your thoughts on the claims made about it
> (fewer injuries, higher comfort level and a shallow
> learning curve for current keyboardists).
> I'll let you know if the keyboard works with Ubuntu
> and how the configuration worked. Maybe we'll start
> something here.

I learned DVORAK about a year ago and really prefer it. On all computers
that I am the primary user, I use it. On computers I share, I have the
keyboard set to DVORAK for my personal account and have other accounts
setup for the silly QWERTY users. I do a lot of tech support, going
around to other computers so I was not able to fully immerse myself.
This stretched the learning curve significantly, but in the end I am
able to type proficiently in QWERTY and DVORAK. I have three keyboard on
my desk. Two have DVORAK setup and the third is QWERTY typically.

I do like DVORAK better. I feel less like my hands are cavorting around
the keypad and feel more controlled. I think my typing speed has
potentially improved also, though I didn't track it before.

I did not use a DVORAK specific keyboard. I simply set the keyboard
layout in windows and Linux to dvorak. On the computer I used the most,
I wrote the letters on stickers and stuck them to the keys. As I became
confident in that letter, I removed it. Before that I tried having the
layout on a piece of paper, but that was hard. I can transpose with
about a 30% accuracy QWERTY to DVORAK in my head. I have, on occasion,
had to direct my wife in doing something in my account and had to direct
her through the login. She can then change the keyboard to QWERTY.

The three month learning estimate seems about fair, but a little
optimistic even for me who spent the better part of 10 hours/day at the
computer. I'm sure that will vary with your learning skills, time to
work on it and determination not to switch back and forth. I'd recommend
switching your main computer over without the ability to easily switch

Have fun! :-) It's an unusual skill and one that makes non-geeks wonder
about your sanity, but gives insight into the flexibility of the mind
God has blessed us with.


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