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Wed Feb 8 17:33:48 CST 2006

On 2/8/06, dmc <edoc7 at verizon.net> wrote:
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> Depending on ones field of study and professional goals,
> and ones desire to leave doors open to future studies,
> one must take great care in selecting a college.

Thanks to everyone for the support, I am praying about it and waiting.
This whole thing has just recently come to the surface again. It is
amazing how throughout my life I have been having this voice in my
head saying very softly "what about ministry?" but ignored it due to I
suppose my own doubts. Funny thing is that I have had so many things
happening in my life which are really encouraging me towards this.
Work appraisals, comments from friends, I even had a secular friend
who said she would not be surprised if I ever went into ministry. This
comment was not even prompted. Crazy.

Also I was sitting at home the other day and had a Jehovah's Witness'
couple come to my door. I had nothing better to do and so invited them
in for a cup of coffee. We had an amazing chat and I was blown away at
how much of the message of Jesus they get wrong.
After having a very open talk with them about my own beliefs we both
agreed to meet up again this next coming weeks. It is so sad how they
really do not believe that Jesus should be given any glory whatsoever.
The trinity is a lie to them and Jesus though they believe is the Son
of God, is not to be worshipped. What is crazy is that during that
time with them I was so encouraged in my own walk as the hope of
Christ became as plain as day to me.
The death and Resurrection became clearer and it was incredible how
Jesus is the integral connection between man and God. Strange how
these things work.

The main thing on top of this experience was that I suddenly realised...

<1> I do not have an understanding and scriptural strength. Lets say
my sword is really just a carrot. :)

<2> I have suddenly been given such a heart for people and for sharing
what God has for
people and how they can really grab hold of their lives and see their
potential fulfilled.

<3> That I am not ashamed of my beliefs, which I truly thought I was.
Sounds mad I know, but I have suddenly reached a maturity in my walk
about this.

Anyway this email is getting to long...

I have started looking at http://lst.ac.uk ( London School of Theology) as
I believe that it would be good to be able to have physical access to the
facilities even though I will be doing the distance learning modules.

Also I think it would be a good tie in to my church life here in
London as well.

I will keep you posted regarding my JC friends and please pray that I will be
able to like Paul, have doors open and make the message of Christ as
plain as day to them.



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