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As a former Christian college administrator I feel
the need to raise a caution flag here.

There are many forms of what is called "accreditation",
and their value varies widely.

Ames falls into the non-portable and unlikely to be
recognized elsewhere category.

There are two well-recognized Christian accreditating
agencies, ABHE (Association of Biblical Higher Education),
and TRACS (Transnational Association of Christian Colleges
and Schools).

There are secular regional accreditors as well.

All of these are themselves accredited by CHEA and they
generally recognize the credits earned at fellow insitutions.

There are also insitutions like Seminary Extension and Horizon
and others whose credits may be ACE reviewed for transfer to
fully accredited colleges.

Depending on ones field of study and professional goals,
and ones desire to leave doors open to future studies,
one must take great care in selecting a college.

I would be happy to respond to questions on the list or
via private E-mail if there is a desire to learn more.
Much as I was bored to tears in the meetings and wrestling
the forms I did learn a great deal about accreditation
and course transfer and the value of accreditation in
Christian and secular fields.

David Colburn, D.Min., M.A.Co.
Biblical Christianity is Jesus
plus nothing = everything!

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