[CS-FSLUG] Quantify the Power Savings

dmc edoc7 at verizon.net
Fri Dec 29 19:39:07 CST 2006

MS fears death by a thousand cuts, little cuts.

Linux takes a slice out of the server market,
another out of the hobbyist market, another from
the CGI-movie-making market, another via corporations
like Home Depot, another in Europe where municipalities
choose Linux, another where the user-base now demands
cross-platform capability via Java or the like, etc.

The out-of-pocket today cost to an individual customer
combined with highly restrictive regs on transfer of
the OS further alienates customers -- a key here is to
link MS's predatory proprietary practices with that
of the recording industry trying to lock-down copying
via hardware and software -- that will hurt MS with a
lot of potential users and upgraders.

Their desperate attacks have been increasingly hysterical
over the past few years so they are clearly worried.

> In certain cases this actually is correct. When we're talking about
> Total Cost of Ownership, the statistics droids are looking at one thing
> only: what is more cost effective *right now*.
> Obviously the result is going to be misguided. After all, retraining
> your staff is a fact of life. But the reality is that a lot of people
> are more effective with Windows at the present than they would be with
> Linux.
> Porting applications is another mess to get over. The Win32 API is a
> mess, and once your application has gotten tangled up in it, it's pretty
> difficult to get out. And for Enterprise-level customers, Wine does not
> cut it.
> As for which is more efficient on the same hardware. Linux is almost
> always better off here, but hardware is cheap, retraining people and
> getting software developers to port your legacy applications is much
> more expensive.
> Alan Trick


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