[CS-FSLUG] Printer and Samba

he7316575 he7316575 at yahoo.se
Mon Dec 18 14:31:33 CST 2006

..or SSH.

Well, this is my third or fourth try to get a printer working from a 
Ubuntu-PC (with XP too) to a Ubuntu (and Fedora3)PC. I have tried most 
- download driver for Brother MPC210-C making an installation on both PC
- trying to use Samba, which is not easy at all, for me
- my printer is not networking-printer connected to the router. The 
printer is locally connected as a USB-printer. I have used the 
CUPS-drive in PCwithUbuntu and XP. It is working in that Ubuntu. but as 
You understand not on the second computer.

Any advice?!

Regards once more from Sweden

Hilding E

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