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'Mash mashdot at gmail.com
Sat Aug 19 16:33:40 CDT 2006

That they pass savings onto us is exactly why I said what I said. That
the people (us) who shop there are the ones who are benefiting. What
about the people who are being exploited to give us that saving ?

This is what upsets me is that we are not taking a stand about the
choices we take due to  convenience.

What if as a church we stood together and said we have a choice not to
support  "A" company as we believe this does not benefit everyone. We
do this because we believe that Gods plan and instruction is for us to
look after the poor, needy, oppressed. That the commandment to us as a
church is to be God represented on earth.

So what if it costs us an extra £20 to buy groceries from a different
source, do you not think God could provide that for us. Why are we
working so hard on our own preservation while half the world is dying.
The fact that this is such a difficult way to live is proof of how
comfortable we are being part of the problem. Its the attitude of
indifference we have all fallen into.

All I want is for us to stop and ask before purchasing something for
our own means.
What is behind it, who is behind it, how is my purchase affecting
someone else life ?

If we don't believe we have a choice, or have the means to make a
choice then we should pray about it.


ps. Here is a great series of messages which is partly responsible for
fuelling what is currently in my heart.
http://www.mhbcmi.org/listen/index.php - The New Exodus (series) - Rob
Bell & Don Golden

On 19/08/06, Jim Isbell, W5JAI <jim.isbell at gmail.com> wrote:
> Now as to WalMart.  Before they came to this town we had no choice but
> an overpriced local grocery or drive 25 miles to the nearest large
> town where competition held the prices to reasonable levels.  Wal Mart
> moved here, put out of business the charlatans, and gave us reasonable
> prices.  NOW...if after putting the charlatans out of business they
> had raised their prices back to the old levels I would agree with you,
> that is evil.  But they did not.  Their prices remain competitive with
> the city prices.  In other words they pass on the savings to us and do
> not use their sole proprietor position as a way to dominate us.

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