[CS-FSLUG] Still a "cult leader"

Nathan T. celerate at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 17:37:54 CDT 2006

> Actually, I've abandoned SuSE. Aside from being generally buggy, Novel
> insisted YaST be built on Mono. It took forever for YaST to open, and
> was loaded with bugs, actually breaking things which used to work.
> Nowadays I use CentOS, and for some purposes I might prefer FreeBSD.

Have you noticed a significant speed increase since moving away from
SUSE. For some reason I feel like I've got the only computers that run
SUSE slower than frozen molasses. I'd like to know if you've noticed a
speed difference too.

> Hippies? No, I shave my head and I'm willing to do manual labor. Oh, and
> I bathe every day. Finally, I don't code anything more complicated than
> simple XHTML. However, I do write about radical faith, a revolutionary
> change in one's life, and willingness to die in service of this mystical
> thing called the Kingdom of Heaven. ;-)

Klingon of Heaven? So you're a Trekkie eh?

I'm glad I read that last line over again, the first time was quite
surprising. Not to worry though, I've been in here long enough to know
you're a Christian.

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