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Tue Apr 11 12:08:12 CDT 2006

On Sunday 09 April 2006 16.36, Brian Derr wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-04-09 at 12:14 -0500, Timothy Butler wrote:


> After I sent my reply off I realized I didn't word it exactly as I
> meant.  I did not mean to say that all theologians are bad or
> anything of that sort.  My original idea was more along the lines of
> this:  You don't have to go to seminary to know the Bible.  I get
> tired of hearing people say they didn't go to Bible school so they
> can't answer this or that.
> I also, like Chris mentioned, do not like the massive selling out of
> Biblical values at a lot of seminaries to get the federal dollars or
> for PC reasons.  These are filth and shouldn't be allowed to claim to
> be a Bible school in my opinion.

Totally agreed. Now I do understand better your position.

> Sorry if my poor wording caused any frustration in my previous post. 
> I know that Jesus can you anyone, even those theologians out there. 
> ;-)
> Brian

<*growl*> hmmmmmm...... okay! :-D


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Prof. Eduardo Sanchez
Asuncion, Paraguay, South America
Parliament is not a CONGRESS of ambassadors from different and hostile
interests, which interests each must maintain, as an agent and advocate,
against other agents and advocates; but parliament is a DELIBERATIVE
assembly of ONE nation, with ONE interest, that of the whole; where, not
local purposes, not local prejudices, ought to guide, but the general
good, resulting from the general reason of the whole. You choose a
member indeed; but when you have chosen him, he is not member of
Bristol, but he is a member of PARLIAMENT.

		-- Edmund Burke


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