[CS-FSLUG] City attacks Catholic Church

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Fri Apr 7 19:26:58 CDT 2006

 > Michael Bradley, Jr. wrote:
> Will the new Supreme Court 
> justices help to reverse this trend, or at least provide judicial 
> backing for Christians who seek to do so at the grass-roots level?  Only 
> time will tell ...

This is not an activist court so unless and until
someone does something outside of the available
options under the Constitution they will be unlikely
to intervene even as it is about organizations with
with whom they are sympathetic.

For example, if the US Congress passes and a future
Democrat President signs (no true Republican would)
legislation to require all recipients of Federal
college financial aid to adhere to secular requirements
then the US Supreme Court is unlikely to object.
Teddy Kennedy and other anti-Christian left-wing
radicals have proposed such legislation every year
for many years.

This would mean three options for Christian colleges:

1.  Adhere and sell-out the Bible.

2.  Find a way to provide non-Federal sources of financial
aid for students and to cut expenses (a strong reason to
move away from brick & mortar to online and decentralized

3.  Close.

Respectfully ... dmc

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