[CS-FSLUG] City attacks Catholic Church

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Fri Apr 7 14:30:34 CDT 2006

doc wrote:
> Late days of these End Times prophesy predicts
> this.  Christians in many other parts of the
> world have been suffering persecution for decades
> but when these callous and hate-filled attacks
> occur here in the USA then we know things have
> really declined to irreversible conditions.

I would be careful with words like irreversible. There are plenty of 
people who thought the end was near in the first century. There were few 
places that Christians weren't persecuted. The world was turning against 
Christians, when the USA came into its own, and changed all that. The 
Lord has his plan and time. When we try to predict how close we are, we 
are most surely wrong.

> The enemies of Biblical Christendom, and anything
> that even vaguely resembles it, have escalated
> their efforts to discredit and render outright
> illegal anything that honors Christ.

This is not new. We have just been living in a bubble that protects us. 
Our time may have passed, or we as a nation may be being honed for 
something greater. We don't know. I suspect the Lord hones a nation's 
spirit in the same way he does the human spirit. He uses trials and 
tribulation to transform us.

> Christians leaders need to catch a clue that the
> time is short and they need to teach fat-and-happy
> USA Christians how to survive persecution and to
> prepare Christian organizations to survive as well.

American Christian churches need to preach the whole Gospel. Too many 
have chosen a part of the Gospel that suits them, and ignore the rest. 
This is how we get social justice theologies, or seeker sensitive (not 
to be confused with churches that avoid the language of Christians, but 
still preach the whole gospel. I am talking about those who will not 
call sin sin in an effort to avoid offending someone in the "audiance")

> I am afraid that our children are inheriting a
> much much spiritually uglier world than we did.
> The Lord appears to be loosening the chains on
> the Enemy in preparation for the tribulation
> and beyond.

He may be, but it doesn't change our calling. We must follow the Word 
until we are dead. The covenant hasn't changed just because we believe 
we are close to its completion here on Earth.

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