[CS-FSLUG] Your Mission Dream

Yama Ploskonka Yama at veritasacademy.net
Wed Apr 5 00:00:39 CDT 2006

Alan Trick wrote:
> The mission I work for (Wycliffe/SIL/Jaars) is slowly moving towards an
> Open Source base. The big part of it is to enable mother-tongue
> translators who don't have the money for expensive stuff.

Do you know if the translation work that has been developed among W/S/J
is available as open source?  I'm still smarting on how hard it was to
get the Jesus film in Aymara, and I don't know if I ever got
authorization to copy it to distribute it freely.  I sort of gave up
trying - felt like I wasn't welcome to actually USE the stuff and
distribute it to those who could use it. When we were showing it around,
I was willingly breaking the law, with a tape that clearly had marked on
it that it wasn't meant for public display.  Oh well.  Better hanged for
that than for something else.

Apparently (correct me if I am wrong) Bolivia is one of the countries
that W/S/J has "completed" work, but I know it is all but impossible to
get Scriptures there in anything but Spanish, Quechua, Aymara (already
hard) and Guarani (with much luck and knowing where to look).  I believe
that there have been like 120 other languages that had some portions at
least done (my Aymara Bible is pre-SIL - I wish I had a newer version)

Can I get that stuff? (electronically)  Can I distribute it? (at my own

(say Hi to the Cochrans from me)

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