[CS-FSLUG] Wireless, smb and Windows

David Aikema daikema at gmail.com
Sat Nov 19 02:11:58 CST 2005

On 11/18/05, Nathan T. <celerate at gmail.com> wrote:
> actually having to be connected to it. When I was working at Staples the
> computer associates often told customers that 2.4 Ghz phones and routers
> interfered with each other when one of the two items was being returned,
> should I be considering that? And if it's a problem why do routers and
> phones both only come capable of using that one frequency?

They can interfere, although changing channels for your wireless
network may help.

The reason that a lot of devices transmit in that frequency band is
that you don't need a license to operate devices in it (similar bands
that you may find phones operating on are somewhere around 900 Mhz and
5.8 Ghz).  I think that we have one or more people on this list who
are ham radio ops - they may be able to provide more information (or
correct any errors that I may have made).


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