[CS-FSLUG] [NI][OT] A Thought on the Riots in Paris

Ritchie, Josiah S. jritchie at bible.edu
Thu Nov 3 12:43:44 CST 2005

It was my understanding that France was being taken over by the Muslim's
quite peacefully. Having talked with missionaries working in France with
Muslims, the Muslim religion and culture has become very influential in
the government and consist of a rather high number of the overall

This brawl would damage that sort of activity. Of course, this could
simply be the difference between factions of Islam.


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As many of you are aware,

Poor, mainly Muslim, youth are rioting in the
neighborhoods outskirting Paris. They went on this
rampage after two young Muslim men electrocuted
themselves while attempting to flee the police,
presumably after the commission of a crime, although
I've heard nothing to that effect. For several days
the poor neighborhoods have been filled with violent
clashes with police, destruction of property and
general lawlessness. Indeed, these youth are destoying
their own neighborhoods. Jacques Chirac and those in
law enforcement vow to restore order to the situation.
However, they must first confront armed gangs that
have taken over whole sections of the outer city. As a
result, property is being destroyed, including nearly
200 cars, stores and an elementry school.

When a young Muslim youth was asked about all the
violence, he responded:

"It's because of the police that this is going on.
They are too violent. That's not what their job is."

Yup ... it's those darn police again causing all that
trouble. Can you spell hypocrite? It's obvious that
this Muslim youth can't, but then again, this is that
attitude of most violent Muslim groups. The question
is, who is putting these ideas in their heads.

This brings to mind the Rodney King riots in LA. That
was the situation where the news media were flying
overhead letting the rioters know via the radio where
there weren't any cops (so they could loot at will).
Indeed, poverty seems to drive people crazy, not
injustice. Or perhaps it's both.

I was just curious if it was poverty, injustice,
Muslim thought or a combination of these factors that
was influencing these rioters in France? I don't
really know, but I know that France is getting its
first taste of the civil war the Wahabi Muslim Mulla's
have been wanting for years ... they want Europe and
America to bow before their power ... oh, and they
want to use Islam as an excuse to get it.

Or perhaps I'm just crazy to think that there is a
small group of wealthy sociopaths in the Arab world
bent on world domination, using Islam as thier
ideology and the lives poor Muslim youth as their
weapons. Not that they practice Islam themselves, but
that they need to keep up appearances to keep the
masses in line. So to them, it seems, Islam is a
political tool, not a religion ... welcome back to the
seventh century, everyone; It's like we never left.

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