[CS-FSLUG] The new enlightenment

'Mash re.mash at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 08:04:52 CDT 2005

I am totally with you on that one. 
Every now and then my Debian/Fluxbox laptop starts playing up
and I look over and see my friends OSX powerbook and sigh. 
Its just all so shiny and everything fits nicely together on the screen.
All the windows and apps sit together nicely and the desktop is seamless.

But then I suddenly remember the control I have over everything I am 
running, how I can tinker away with settings whenever I want and yes it may
not look as good and it does irritate me that some apps use GTK and other GTK2 
and everything doesn't all sit nicely together. 

But again when I turn my laptop on and it takes less then a minute to
load my desktop,
that I have keyboard shortcuts to everything I want to run, and that I
have the power of
a shell whenever I want. I slip into a sense of peace that I have
built this machine to do
what I want, when I want and with what is simple and just works. 

I have started moving further and further away from bells and whistles
and back to
the UNIX philosophy of good tools. 
To the point that I am starting to get into Emacs properly and will probably 
start using it for my mail and news. I like the keyboard shortcuts and
I still love white text on a black terminal window. 
It is functional ridiculously quick and tends to give you only what
you really need.

Throw those mice away and start using your fingers again. joy !


On 6/10/05, Chris Brault <groundhog3000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> The new enligntenment looks cool,
> E17 is a fast, graphics intensive desktop (I loaded
> the Fedora RPM's from the BLAG testing repositories).
> However, after reading about it, it seems that it
> doesn't do much. All looks and speed, but no real
> functionality. Hmmmmm ... it's been my experience that
> the better something looks, the less it has to do to
> be popular. Functionality seems to play second fiddle
> second to asthetics. And I found myself thinking that
> way when using the new enlightenment. I can hear
> myself saying,
> "Does it matter what it does ... just look at it.
> Wow!"
> I'm so human. I studied this in school and yet I can't
> help but still be bound by it. Human nature ... ach!
> Gabe
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