[CS-FSLUG] Ethics and the X-Box

Ed Hurst ehurst at asisaid.com
Sat Dec 10 07:49:48 CST 2005

Clinton Evans wrote:
> Perhaps I should explain I live in Canada. Now, while we are proud of the fact 
> that our government is as completely bought and paid-for by corporate 
> interests as any, "progress" in the DMCA direction is not as "advanced" as in 
> the US. Doubtless, we still have that pleasure to come! In any event, I don't 
> think I am breaking any laws.

Lucky you. ;-)

> My main concern is more a spiritual one. Any Christian project should be 
> without taint, at least as a design aim. I want to be able to go to sleep at 
> night without worrying about the rights and wrongs of the program.

I'd say that really depends on you and your congregation. To me, 
Scripture says you can do anything you like if you own the box, provided 
no one else is harmed or made to stumble.

> Also, one or two members of my Church are so right-wing in their outlook they 
> make George Bush look like a pinko, liberal wimp. I wanted a little feedback 
> from a more reasonable group to help with any debate I might encounter.

Then you are already in trouble, because you'll be using that "communist 
OS"! I'm sure we can all come up with some good answers to any possible 
objections, but it's hard to predict the creative arguments on bright 
minds operating from an odd skew. If often find myself having to explain 
over and over there is a "right-wing" position that finds fault with the 
likes of Bush without actually hating all governments. There are also 
"left-wing" positions that genuinely like him.

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