[CS-FSLUG] Ethics and the X-Box

Clinton Evans clinton.evans at rogers.com
Sat Dec 10 05:59:59 CST 2005

Perhaps I should explain I live in Canada. Now, while we are proud of the fact 
that our government is as completely bought and paid-for by corporate 
interests as any, "progress" in the DMCA direction is not as "advanced" as in 
the US. Doubtless, we still have that pleasure to come! In any event, I don't 
think I am breaking any laws.

My main concern is more a spiritual one. Any Christian project should be 
without taint, at least as a design aim. I want to be able to go to sleep at 
night without worrying about the rights and wrongs of the program.

Also, one or two members of my Church are so right-wing in their outlook they 
make George Bush look like a pinko, liberal wimp. I wanted a little feedback 
from a more reasonable group to help with any debate I might encounter.


On December 9, 2005 09:16 pm, Timothy Butler wrote:
> I'm not frankly familiar with the exact process required to install
> Linux on an Xbox these days. I seem to recall it can install without
> any strange hacks.
> Legally, the big issue would be if you needed to use some kind of
> pirated, hacked rom image or something to get it to boot. Otherwise,
> you should be free to do with it as you wish. Most legal issues come
> up running copy protected media on unlicensed players (be it playing
> DVD's, iTunes Music Store music, or what be it). In doing so, you
> violate the DMCA. Even the whole Lexmark debacle has to do with this:
> it isn't that you cannot legally make a clone of the ink cartridge,
> it was that the makers were writing circumvention software that
> "broke into" the system.
> I'm no lawyer, however.
> 	-Tim
> On Dec 9, 2005, at 6:41 PM, Clinton Evans wrote:
> > I have a project in my Church where I want some cheap X-terminals
> > and I am
> > debating converting some old X-Boxes for the purpose. I suspect
> > that, in a
> > month or two, no self-respecting child will be seen with last-
> > year's model
> > when he can have the new 360. If I am correct, the garage sales
> > should have
> > them in abundance!
> >
> > Here is the dilemma: what is the morality of circumventing Microsoft's
> > security to recycle some of their obsolete machines?
> >
> > Clinton
> >
> >
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