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Chris Brault gginorio at sbcglobal.net
Wed Dec 7 22:07:01 CST 2005


>>There is not a shred of genuine *science* to back up
>>this statement, merely lots of conjecture, fundraising,
>>and radicalizing political hype from the Left.
>David, I am confused. Are you saying that you do not believe we are
>having an impact on the
>planet ? And that to believe so is to believe lies ?
Y'all making me set the record straight on this.

First, let's define what causes the ozone "hole":

CFC's (chloroflorocarbons) were a commonly used propellant in spray cans 
for many years. Ozone is created and destroyed in the upper atmosphere 
constantly. If CFC's or other ozone destroying chemicals (halons, etc) 
reach the upper atmosphere and have a particulate upon which to act as a 
catalyst, they can destroy the ozone molecules protecting our atmosphere 
in large enough quatities to become a problem.

The key here is a particulate. CFC's are virtually harmless unless they 
have a catalyst particulate for them and the ozone to interact with. 
Examples of particulates in the upper atmosphere are ash from severe 
volcanic eruptions and ice crystal clouds that form above the arctic and 
antartic during the spring.  The process can happen without particulates 
but at such a slow pace as to render it statistically meaningless.

This decrease in ozone over the antartic ozmotically draws ozone from 
greater to lesser concentrations. Thus between latitudes 30 and 60 
degrees, there is a small (up to 4-7%) but measureable ozone decrease. 
In the tropic latitudes, the decrease is insignificant (<4%).

The increase in UV is rather small though, and definately not enough to 
account for the statistical rise in melanoma rates. One should also 
consider the sun's increasing output as well as increased foreign travel 
(skantily-clad, light skinned people to sunny environments). Of course, 
the sun's increased output could also account for some of the changes in 
the ozone concentrations as well. Lastly, we should consider the earth's 
steadily decreasing magnetic field in conjunction with these factors. In 
other words, there's alot more to consider than just CFC's.


Next, let's talk about global warming: (Global warming has NOTHING to do 
with the ozone hole).

The biggest contributor to global warming is water vapor. Although 
carbon dioxide is on the list of contributors, its role is minor. The 
current suspicion/hypotheses is that the equalizing effect the ocean has 
on carbon dioxide levels has reached it's peak and that the excess of 
carbon dioxide produced by man is very slightly impacting temperatures. 
This increase, however minute, is causing greater ocean evaporation and 
decreasing the ocean's ability to hold carbon dioxide gas. In turn, 
greater water vapor in the atmosphere means greater overall temperatures 
which means more evaporation and so on. This is called runaway global 

Once again I point to the sun's increased output. Average temperatures 
tend to mirror the sun's energy output. It's a surprise, I know; Imagine 
the sun affecting temperatures here on earth. Anyway, there is a 
correlation of carbon dioxide levels and temperatures. The question is: 
Does carbon dioxide increase because the sun causes temperatures to rise 
or did temperatures rise because we increased carbon dioxide levels?

There is no doubt that temperatures on the earth fluxuate greatly over 
time in cycles. Vikings founded vinyards in Canada at one point. The 
English sent explorers to the new world in search of new pasture land 
during the little "ice age" at another point. Alaska hasn't historically 
been always frozen and neither has northern Siberia always been a 
wasteland of snow. The elephants, tigers and other wildlife found in 
Siberia attest to its variable climate.


So, my point is this: Global warming may be part of a completely natural 
cycle of warming and cooling that coincides with changes in the sun's 
output. As for the ozone depletion, man may in fact play a small part, 
but the current depletion is nowhere near enough to account for the 
increase in skin cancer and plankton deaths.

In other words, the answers are never simple. Plus, as if I need to 
point this out, God is in control. We are not going to all die before He 
comes for us. The events happening are all in God's plan for the end 
times. There is nothing we can do to stop them. In short, man's ego is 
bigger than his bite.


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